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I am a mystic who experiences a metaphysical world, continuously drawing inspiration from my out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, paranormal insights, and spiritual understandings. By exploring my subconscious mind in my work, I allow the piece to unfold naturally. Not only is the process extremely interesting to me, it is also a form of spiritual mind training to facilitate getting my ego out of the way, benefiting my work and life in general.


Born in 1973 in Virginia, Cameron Limbrick is a self taught American artist who has spent his entire life creating in a wide variety of media. From traditional painting and graphic design to video and music production, Cameron’s diverse artistic background ties together a solid foundation for his calling as a full time visual artist and music producer.

Artist Photo Gallery

How it's Done - Cameron Limbrick in the Studio 2017
Cameron Limbrick
Cameron with Above the Phoenix
Artist at Work
Studio Moves
Music Studio 2016
Cameron in Studio 2012

As Heard on

Cameron's music can be heard on radio stations around the world and also as background music on the following TV stations:

National Geographic Explorer
Discovery Channel
Discovery Health
Discovery Science
Discovery Times
Discovery Home & Leisure
Learning Channel

Animal Planet
Super Station
Travel Channel

Some Music Placements

A&E, Cruise Ship   ABC News, Flight 175, As the World Watched   Cruise Ship - Episode 3   Current TV, Jack and Suzie   Current TV, Mortal Edge   Current TV, Mumbai After   Current TV, The Future Hope and Fear   Current TV, Tora Bora   Digitas Flash Demo for Client Presentations   History Channel, Maneaters: Lions   KQED, Quest - Big Waves/Oak Death/George Smoot - Episode 108   KQED, Quest - Otters/Nasa LCROSS - Episode 101   KQED, Quest - Physics of Baseball/Please Touch the Animals/Nanosolar - Episode 112   KQED, Quest - Salt Ponds/MRI Brain Scan/3-D Ocean Mapping   KQED, Quest - Science of Wine/Exoplanets/Compact Fluorescents - Episode 116   KQED, Quest - Video Games/Graham Hawkes/Lidar - Episode 109   Las Hijas (The Daughters) Documentary   National Geographic Channel, Need for Speed - Boats   National Geographic, Megabrew   National Geographic Explorer, Supercarrier - The USS Ronald Reagan   PBS, Carrier Project   The History Channel, Engineering Disasters of the 70's   TLC, An Astronaut Scorned: The Lisa Nowak Story   TLC, Shalom In The Home #104   TLC, Shalom in the Home - The Wexler Family   Tresemme.com "Splash" Video   Real Momentum   Travel Channel, 21 Manly Man Adventures   Biography - Jon stewart, Ashton Kutcher, Warren Buffet   Celebrity Fit Club - Fit Camp Shoot Off   Miami Animal Police , Midnight Walker   FILM - Hey Paula  


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